sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2007

Mr Arssen

Mr Arssen is a hip hop/dancehall artist from Maputo.

He started writing his own songs in 1994 and began performing in concerts, festivals and tours around the world in 1998.

He successfuly toured Lisbon with MC Roger in 1998 and over the next two years the pair released two albums. In 2000 Mr Arssen released his first solo album O Rei Da Selva.

In 2002-2003 Mr Arssen and Mc Roger released the album Est Amos N'area, which went platinum, selling over 60,000 units in Portugal and Mozambique.

During this time Mr Arssen also became involved with MSF for the HIV-AIDS campaign where he performed one of his favorite songs entitled 'Vidas Positivas' at the Luxembourg Festival. Mr Arssen also used to collaborates with local Band Mabulu. Mabulu was the result of a Mozambican project designed to unite old and new musical generations. In this case, Mr Arssen delivered 'his hip hop and dancehall flavour' to the band and features on their hugely successful first album Karimbo.
In 2004 Mr Arssen performed at the Oppikopi Festival in Pretoria, South Africa, the Brazilian Winter Festival and toured Europe and Russia during the summer.

The following year he was invited to tour Europe again, cementing his status as an international artist. The 2nd solo album for Mr. Arssen will be released in 2007!!...

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