quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2008

Kapa Dech (English)

KAPA DECH was founded in 1996 by young musicians from various bands in Maputo, with the aim of making a difference in the local music scene by fusing modern music and traditional rhythms from Mozambique.
Musically easily can be identified elements of latin music, reggae and jazz blended with xigubo, ngalanga, xingomana, nganda and marrabenta. Lyrically the messages in local languages such as Changana, Xitswa, Chopi, Bitonga and Ndau raising issues such as love, poverty, corruption, debt, racism, beauty of life, to mention few.
The band soon conquered the hearts of the audience with fresh and innovative sounds. KAPA DECH won the first prize in 1997 MUSIC CROSSROADS in Harare, considered the best youth group in Southern Africa and toured Sweden the following year.
In 1997 the band signed a record deal for two albums with the French label LUSAFRICA, which led to the recording of KATCHUME (1998) and TSUKETANI (2000). Both albums received good reviews in the local and international press and the band toured Portugal, Norway, Sweden, France and South Africa.
In 2002 KAPA DECH was a KORA AWARDS nomination in the Best Afrcan Group category.In Mozambique this conscious band has been involved in campaigns such civic education, malaria prevention and HIV/Aids, touring not only as musicians but as educators.

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