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About Neyma... (English)

Born in Maputo, Mozambique, on 06 May 1979, known as the “Queen Diva of Mozambique” by her fans, Neyma is truly an icon for Marrabenta music (Mozambican rhythm).

The Lirandzo singer started her career to stardom on the ‘New TV Talent show' Fantasia at 16, even though the songster took the second spot; she knew then that music was her calling.

Video Lirandzo
Determined to make be a star, Nayma began singing at weddings, in bars and at parties. Her break came in 1999, when the then 20 years old singer dropped her first album Brigas (Arguments). In 2000, she followed with Baila then Renascer (Reinventing) in 2001. Nanu Wa mina, from the album Renascer (Reinventing) was voted the most popular song at the Mozambican Radio Music Awards.

The singer, took a two years break from the limelight, in 2004 she was ready to pick up the microphone. Neyma inked a deal with DXS Label, he come back re-introduced her as a more matured singer. The following year, her first album in two years album Arromba hit the CD shelves with a bang selling more than 40 000 copies granting Neyma a place in the Mozambican music industry record books, being the fourth person in the country to receive a Platinum Album Award.
The single Lirandzo granted Neyma the Mozambican Radio Music Award as the most popular song. As her fan base kept growing in numbers and their thirst for new material increased, Neyma dropped Idiomas in 2006. She blended the traditional Marrabenta she was known for with “Coupe decale”, a West Africa dance style. 2007 she was awarded Best Vocalist, by the Afro Music Channel which is broadcasted in Portugal. It wasn't all as the year kept rewarding her hard work with awards and nominations pouring in from left and right. Mbilo Yanga from the album Idiomas was nominated by Channel O for the Channel O Spirit of African Video Music Awards, Best Female Video and Best R&B Video categories.

Neyma is also the face of Mcel (Mozambican cellular company) and a devoted actress on a Mozambican sitcom.

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